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weight loss

We will be offering weight loss options for our patients.  We will schedule an initial consultation for our patients to do an assessment and discuss weight loss goals.  Semaglutide and tirzepatide are subcutaneous injections that are done once-a-week that work by mimicking hormones that target areas of the brain involved in regulating appetite and food intake. This can help you eat less and lead to weight loss. Our Semaglutide is combined with B12 for energy, sleep cycle regulation and a better patient experience. This product follows a titration schedule that will be different for each patient depending on their weight loss goals. All patients will start with one dose that is lower then after 1 to 2 months the dose will increase gradually each month.  The maintenance dose can be ongoing for up to 8 months depending on your goals.  A minimum BMI of 27 or greater is recommended for these products with no underlying health conditions. 


At your consultation we will discuss what plan will be best for you. You will get a one month supply and come to the clinic once a month to monitor your progress.  We will incorporate a lifestyle change to incorporate a healthy diet and increase your activity.  Food is medicine so we want to make sure you are making good choices.

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