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Biote Pelleting Process

It all starts with a simple lab test. We will schedule an initial blood draw at our clinic. A complete blood draw includes checking a complete blood panel with hormone levels. The fee for the initial blood draw is $225. This fee includes your initial blood draw, consult and 4 week follow up blood draw after hormone treatment. If you would like to have a consultation and blood draw that fee is $180 and the four week blood draw after treatment is $80. If you do the prepaid package you save $35.

We will schedule an appointment 1 week after your blood draw to review labs. During this appointment we can move forward with pellet insertion and hormone treatment if you are ready at that time. The pellets are placed subcutaneously in your fat in either your buttocks area or in the flank. The provider will discuss what options and locations will be best for you.  

The 4 week follow up blood draw will check hormone levels to see how your body is responding to the hormone therapy. We want your blood draw to be 4-5 hours after you take your medication in the morning. if you are taking thyroid medication.We then can determine if we need to change anything with your current regimen. This may include a “pellet boost” which is free of charge or adjusting prescription medications or nutraceuticals.

The goal is to get symptom relief and get levels optimal.

  • Pelleting fee for men is $550 (smaller pellets) to $650 (larger pellets) women $350.

  • Men pellet therapy lasts 4-6 months for larger pellets and 3-5 months for smaller pellets.

  • Women pellet therapy lasts 3-5 months. 

It is a $1500 – $1800 investment for the year or on average $4 a day for the hormone therapy and blood draw. 

Your first symptoms to improve or go away, will be your first symptoms to come back, that is your indication that you are due for your next pellet. Everyone metabolizes the pellets differently so how long the pellets last will depend on your activity level.

We will do a complete blood draw once a year unless we need to monitor any lab values or if you have a change in your health. 

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