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Biote Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is a medical treatment that involves the administration of hormones to regulate the body’s hormone levels.  It is often used to treat conditions related to hormone imbalances.  When hormone balance is restored and hormone levels are optimized then the entire body can function at its full potential. Bioidentical hormone therapy are custom-compounded pellets made from soy and yam inserted subcutaneously in a patient’s upper buttocks. The hormone therapy may begin to alleviate unwanted symptoms within two to four weeks after a pellet insertion. Some of the symptoms of hormonal imbalance include low energy, sleeplessness, brain fog, decreased sexual performance, low mood, anxiousness, elevated blood sugar, weight gain,joint pain, abnormal heart conditions and decreased bone density.


Every person is unique and so are their hormones.  We will create a treatment plan specific for you based on your labs and your goals to achieve the best quality treatment so you can live happier and healthier.

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